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"Just wanted to send you guys a big thank you for taking care of us all the time. We are using the Auto-Attendant 24 hours and it has helped a great deal.

The office staff is so happy to have this phone system with all of its features they actually thanked me yesterday and I owe that to all of you.

Thanks again, everyone be safe!!"

Susan M. Local Tourist Attraction IT Director

"Just wanted to drop you a note.  Mike worked really hard troubleshooting all the issues, he kept with it.  Katie has been an excellent source of knowledge and patience with the new system.  Gudrun was amazing with explaining things to me.  All and all just wanted to let you know your team is awesome!"

 Karen J, Director of Administration, Local Non Profit


"We just recently bought and had installed the new Zultys system that you recommended for our business. We are very happy with the product. While it can be a chaotic day making a change to a new system, the problems were held to a minimum and ITS personnel were very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. The adaption rate to the new system has been extremely fast and the employees are excited about the capabilities. Overall a very good experience. Thanks!"

Mike F., IT Director, Baldwinsville, NY


"I just wanted to take a minute to share with you that at the beginning of this project, I will be honest in saying that you were the piece of the puzzle that concerned me. Not that I had any reason to worry, but I just wasn't familiar with your company or yourself and didn't know if you would care about little CLNB. Since then, you have proven to be the only truly helpful piece of this project. I would be happy to refer people to your company and can honestly say that working with ITS has been a pleasure! You and your staff should be proud in the way that you conduct business and treat your customers. I am hopeful to say that I will still feed this way in future years and look forward to future business!"

Ellen, IT Director, Local Area Bank


"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a fantastic job you and your crew have done! All have been a great help to me.  They have even done tasks that were "out of scope" of this project.  I am positive we made the right choice selecting ITS as our phone vendor."

Art. L., IT Director, Syracuse, NY


"We are extremely happy with ITS. Phones are the livelihood of our billing business and it is critical that our phone system is always available.  The phone system  that ITS provided us is reliable.  We get great service from ITS and they are always willing to help us with any business that needs a quality phone system with a great underlying support, all for a very competitive price."

John O., Owner, Syracuse, NY


"I have been working with ITS, Inc. for over five years on a telephone system they installed and provide contract maintenance and service.  Our district has been extremely satisfied with their training, technical support and response times for corrective actions.  Even the smallest of requests, the staff at ITS have always been friendly, responsive to our needs, and always get the job done!  In addition, I have come to rely on the staff at ITS for technical advice and support.  If you are planning a telecommunications project, I would strongly recommend you consider ITS, Inc. for your organization's project."

Steve R., Facilities Director, Suburban School District in CNY


"I have been working with ITS for about 10 years.  I have found Greg to be very knowledgeable and he keeps me up to date on current technologies.  He has been instrumental in helping our company expand in the phone and IT areas.  Geoff and his service staff is top notch.  Your service request are handled most times that same day!  The techs our friendly, knowledgeable and have become family among our maintenance staff."

"During our time working with ITS, we have built new facilities and expanded several other locations.  ITS's team have been there the whole way.  Leading us in the direction we need to go with our telecom and IT needs. Their telecom systems are reliable, cost effective and user friendly."

"Bottom line: ITS is one of the most customer oriented, knowledgeable, and friendly service driven companies I have worked with.  In today's work market isn't that what you expect from a service provider? ITS delivers!!!"

Steve L., Corporate Facility Director, Nonprofit Network, Syracuse, NY


"ITS has been with our company since December 1995. We went through a major PBX/Voice Mail upgrade in February 2007.  I personally worked with the ITS technicians during both the initial install and the upgrade.  They are always very thorough and timely and they are a great team to work with.  I highly recommend ITS."

Kelly C., IT Director, Assisted Lving Home, Ithaca, NY


"The academic year at Syracuse University closed this week and I want to thank you for putting together a fantastic solution for our wireless needs. "

"Overall I am extremely satisfied with the Meraki access points and very impressed with how they held up through the year.  At peak we had over 90 distinct devices connecting to the network on a monthly basis. (on average they were downloading 325GB of data)"

"The key point for us is remote manageability... the ability to check on usage stats, block users on a moments notice and most importantly know who is connecting at any point in time is a huge factor.  House closing was at noon this past Monday and you should have seen the shock on these guys when we were able to pinpoint which seniors had not moved out as of Tuesday because their devices were still actively connected to the network!  We never had this degree of remote monitoring before... Thanks again for your help!"

Jim C., Fraternity Alumni Board Member


WOW – GREAT Service….! Greg – I just wanted to say THANKS and what a great service for our phone system you have.We discovered this AM that our phones were OUT !  after trying to “reboot” the system – we recognized it was …DEAD…. Called your offices ( 9:15-ish) and within a half hour your tech was here working on our phones and within about 1-hour he had them up and working – receiving calls !!!!   EXCELLENT !  Nice job …. “Atta-boy” -   you describe any way you want – but – THANKS !

David F., President, local Syracuse technology services co.






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